Faith in Life

Faith (Custom Order)


Faith is a big word. Yellow and green here is the main sparcles. Yet the antique looking cross is really elegant and classy.

Faith should be from the heart. Faith should give you strength and light. Faith should be hope and support.

I love faith.^^

The mystery of purple

Mystery S$32.90 (Sold)



Lovely combination of purple and green. This pair reminds me of a garden scene. Made from Swarovski crystal, Czech glass beads and other lovelies, you will fall for it...
* The beads in blue is actually white crystal beads in AB coating. The angle makes it looks like blue...

Beijing Olympic, World Peace

Olympic Fan S$29.90 US$20 (Sold)
olympic fan

This one was inspired by the August 2008 Olympics game. As I was watching the games while I was making this pair. It has been years since I watched Olympics game on TV. I remember the days when I was still a teenager with summer holidays- Olympic games was part of the important program of the days...

Red swarovski crystals and coral stars, accompany the lovely sofa with love seats...patriotic...

Btw, I am an Olympic fan...How about you?

World Peace S$22.90 US$16

world Peace

Wolrld Peace

Blue and silver are just like the blue sky with sunshine and clean clouds...pure and innocent, unlimited imagination.

(Czech glass flower beads, swarovski crystal and other lovelies)

I love this as it brings a peaceful feeling when I look at it. Since Beijing Olympic is surrounded by so many critics and discussions, I just hope there is always world peace.

Heard that there is a war between Russia and another small country recently(mayb still fighting). Sad to know that there are still wars in this modern age! We are at the edge of the techology, yet some people's minds are still the same as hundreds and thousands years ago...

Somtimes I wonder what is people live for?

For me, I want a cup of hot coffee, seating in a cosy couch with my beloved, watching Olympics in a sunny afternoon...It will be the best if it's in a mountain resort in countryside Japan or Europe...*Dreaming again*

Sweet and Innocent

Innocence S$30.90 US$21 (SOLD)


This pair really looks stunning in person. Photo taking could not show off the shiny beads and transluscent yet mysterious roses... The fish-eye-hook is 925 silver made.

Sweet Pea S32.90 US$22 (Sold)

Sweet Pea 2

Sweet Pea

I could not help but named this 'sweet pea'. This pair brings me the feeling of gentleness. The mother-of-pearl tear drop is the highlight in this. So pure and gentle...for a sweet memory.^^