Can you keep a little secret?

I have a little secret...

Secret S$30.90 US$21 (SOLD)



If every secret that you have can be put in a safe, a key for you to keep... How many keys will you have?(start counting...^^)

Well, it's ok if you lose count of them...

I love the two tone in the swaroviski crystal beads. It gives a magical feeling.

And the keys...They are so lovely!

It's the keys to the secret, the keys to your future...

Hold it.

(Swaroviski crystals, Czech glass beads, 16k gold coated kidney ear wires and lovely others)

Another Holiday

Today I had a gathering with my girlfriends. We had a good discussion about our dream holidays.

One of my girlfriends likes to visit Hokaiddo again for the lavender season in June next year. Another was thinking about visiting France if possible.

For me, I enjoy the thought of going holidays. Of course, it must be a carefree one.

I want to go somewhere to collect my jewellery making materials, as well as taking a break among all the stressful events...

So please take a look at my creation of Holiday II.

Holiday II (Customized Order)


Sweet charm of carefree feather and crystal hearts, Czech glass flowers, looking forward to a wonderful holiday...

Good luck for me, ok?:p


You have the Free Will!

I am always attracted by feather and wings...So I bought this at once when I saw the 'big size feather'. I feel that this will be a perfect pendant for a necklace.

Free Will S$38.90 US$26 (Sold)

Length: 30 cm each side

Free Will necklace

Free Will

I use alot of Swarovski crystals here and only realize it after I fiinshed the necklace. But well, I am an idealistic person. Though the recent increasing price of Swaroviski crystals does have abit influence of my decision when choosing materials nowadays, I still feel that these go well with the feather...

Hope you will like them too.

(Swaroviski crystal in white, turquoise, brass feather charm,pearl beads, Czech glass beads in floral and teardrop shape, other findings)


Dreamy girl with a dreamy pair of earrings

I managed to make one pair today...Wanted to make this long ago, but did not till today. I hope you can feel what I intend to present in this pair...

Simple but elegant. That's what I want to show you...

Dreamy S$32.90 US$22 (Sold)


Like a deamy girl in a sunny afternoon, drinking her iced lemon tea with her favourite novel...

Made with 925 Silver, sweet pink freshwater pearl, romantic turquoise quartz brio..So gentle...


Key to the Secret Garden & Romance

I have been pretty busy for the last 5 weeks and I will still be in this state till mid of August. The current assignments of work is really intensive. Just hope that after this period I will be able to catch a break... And make more unique designs to show you!!

Here are some customized orders I had accomplishied for the past few days...

Key to the Secret Garden (Customized Order)

key to the secret garden

key to the secret garden

I really like this theme. "Secret garden" is such an enchanting word. It draws you to an imaginary a mid summer night's dream...(which I think I will make another design for this name as well)...

Romance (Customized Order)


Another customized order. I choose the 'purple' theme for this design as purple is a royal and romantic color. I really like the combination between the purple and bronze green. Antique yet fresh, mysterious yet glamorous...

Let me know if you like any of them.=p