Smiles for a Christmas Party

Chrismas is on the way!!! It seems that shopping centres have already putting on their Christmas costume.

Tea In Rose Garden S$33.90 US$24



(swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, orange clay roses and other lovelies)

Floral S$33.90 US$24 (Sold)


(swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)

Gift S$32.90 US$23



A Shining gift for your Christmas!!!

(swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)

Morning Smile S$32.90 US$23


(swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)


Review of 20th century boys

Promised to write this review after I watched the movie last Friday.

Hmm, I was a little bit disappointed about the movie, honestly.

I am not saying that this is a bad movie, just that I did not read the comics which the movied based on, so there is something lack of when I was watching the movie....

It really does feel like a story board from the comic series, but for a movie, it should be more precise, short and more surprise. The plots are not 'shocking' enough (so I guess the comics were written years back).

The only thing that I like is the time when Kenji (the main character acted by Toiaki Karasawa)remmebering their school days...the mmemories of the play mates in old days...it was vivid and sweet...

Not sure if I would watch the next movie of this series. I guess it was popular because of the supprt from the comic fans.


First time as 'Photography Assistant' at a ROM+ house warming...

My first time taking photos for someone's ROM- Its my brother-in-law's ROM 2 days ago...Realized that it's really not easy to be a pro photographer- though I was just an 'assistant' in the event...*sweat*

(I like this one the most....)

Other highlights...^^

The rest are the pictures taken in the house...*artistic*


Seasons' Greetings Necklace

Here is the necklace for the 'Four Seasons' theme...

Seasons' greeting S$32.90 US$23 (Sold)



(length is about 22cm at each side )

Another necklace...I really love the wings...the swarovski crystal beads are smoky, dark brown and blue+jet black respectively. The teardrop swarovski crystal is black.

Faith of the Heart S$30.90 US$22 (Sold)

Faith of the heart

Faith of the heart

Pari's latest image

Here is Pari's latest image....Isn't he cute???

Pari's new haircut
pari's new hair cut

Pari's blur face
pari's smile


Pure Winter Bloom uner blue sky

Pure S$49 US$33


A really stunning beauty...925 silver ring, decorated with gentle white coral and pink quartz carved roses, swarovski crystals and smoky quartz brio., Czech glass and mother-of-pearl beads, freshwater pearl...countless lovelies.

Winter Bloom S$31.90 US$22 (Sold)

winter bloom

Part of the four seasons' series, here comes the blue! blue and white is such a peaceful combination...It represents a cloudless blue sky on a Winter morning, everything looks so perfect...

winter bloom


Tokyo Cinderella Story

Well, I was overwelmed by the "Tokyo Cinderella Story" once again after 14 years! Oh my God...

It is definitely a master piece of the modern TV history.=p

Hmm, as I have watched it for so many times over the years, yet I still cannot help crying for the poor Yukiko in the show.

And Toshiaki Karasawa...my 'prince charming' till now.

Of course, after so many years, my mind set has been changed 'alittle' and feel that somehow, it is still a romantic fairytale after all.

No matter what, I support you- Toshiaki!!!(will be watching his new movie this coming Friday night....^^)

Four Seasons series

I have the inspirations of making the 'Four seasons' series, here are some of the new designs I came up with... there are still more to come soon.^^

'Four seasons' is such a theme that will never be out of ideas! Sparkling, sparkling seasonal greetings!!!

Summer Breeze S$33.90 US$24 (Sold)

summer breeze

Autumn Blush S$31.90 US$23 (Sold)

autumn blush

(swaroviski crystal, Czech glass beads, fresh water pearls, shel flowers and other lovelies)

My messy work place...haha. Messy right? anyway, my back is abit ach now, hehee.. think I kind of 'old' because lack of exercise.....

working table


Wedding Wedding

Went out for a short gathering with ex classmates/ friends as one of them is getting married next month.

Congrats, Julian and Madeline!!!

While curious about their plan for the bright future, I do remember the time when Qx and I were shopping and walking around singapore every weekend in search of the suitable furniture for our house...

Honestly, it was tiring, but, it's so sweet and heart warming!

I actually plan to re-do the renovation in every 5 years if possible. I believe the 'honeymoon'feeling will definitely come back! Ha...

Hmm, of course every newly webs might face 'budget' issue. My advise is to buy something 'durable'-for example, dark rasin colored sofa(like ours)- to avoid spending money buying a new one just months after moving in.=p

The complicated feeling of struggling within the budget and producing a wonderful home for just the two of you, it's tough...

The feeling is mixed together with the happy moments of bridal photoes taking, the wedding banquet, the ceremony...

Become a really memorable experience...which, 'I would like to have the wedding all over again'- I told Qx with a smile.

Try it.


Spring Whisper

Spring Whisper S$31.90 US$22 (SOLD)

spring whisper

spring whisper

Like a sweet bird singing on the tree in one Spring morning, cherry blossoms are whispering to one and other... A dazzling and lovely scene in the park.

(Swaroviski crystal, Smoky quartz, Czech Glass, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)