Calling all Chinese romance novel lovers!!


I have a new online novel to recommand... Its name is 蔚蓝的秘密花园。

People who are interested can go to the below website to view for free. It updates daily....

Sweet and innocent love is the best theme for love stories...which I like alot...


Grace- earrings

Grace- earrings S$ 30.90(Sold)



I have been searching for suitable laces since last year. Only recently then I found some suitable ones. Here is the pair I managed to finish today.

This pair looks so innocent and gentle that they gives me an angelic feeling.

The light pink rose and white lace are perfect match. The opal and freshwater pearls...White gold plated ear hooks and other lovelies.



Smiles-earrings S$ 30.90



Cheerful blossoms that are full of live! The flowers are in pink, fuchia and red. Very classy combination together with the briollet shape white gold coated drop.

The rest are swarovski crystals, czech glass beads and silver coated earhooks.

Forest- long necklace

Forest- long necklace S$ 33.90 (Sold)


Swarovski crystal and other lovelies. (no remakes)
necklace about 70cm

Summer of Love-earrings

Summer of Love-earrings S 33.90 (Sold)

summerof love-earrings

summer of love -earrings

It's summer time! A summer full of color and love!

The fashion trend for this season is all bold colors, which is one of my favourites! The flowers are in fuchia pink. A bold reminder for the new season!

(fresh water pearl, arcric flowers, swarovski flower beads, czech glass beads, 14k gold fill earrings)


Coming soon!

Sorry for the late updates lately, as I was busying preparing for my Japanese school exams for the last two weeks- today is the last day of exams! Finally! Hooray!!!

I have been reading some books recently as well, feel my knowledge of the world is so limited.

Thank you for your patience and support all along! Without you, Blossom jewelry can never survive till now!!

I will work harder and you will see more designs coming up! ^^

Meanwhile, all the best for everything in your life! ^^