Pink Eye -earrings

Pink Eye -earrings $ 25.90 (Sold)

pink eye-earrings

Pink Eye ii -earrings $ 25.90 (Sold)

pink eye 2
Swarovski crystal and pink quartz, look so gentle and sweet with silverish flower and rhodium hooks....

Like a spring breeze on a Sunday morning...

Glory bracelet

Glory bracelet- custom order



Pretty Agate flower and golden chains, pegasus, leaf and key charms... All about glory and charm! ^^

I have flowers in the same shape and size but in differnt tones...let me know if you like it..It's suitable to make as pendant or necklace as well...


Waterfall- bracelet

Waterfall- bracelet $19.90

waterfall-bracelet nature stones

I love this peacock feather color stones...though the staff in the shop could not tell me what is the name of it,but I made one bracelet for myself as well. This is another one for sell.They are bound by elastic rubber band.the shape of the stones are really unique.

Like a waterfall with peacocks walking around...haha

Floral Heart Pendant - custom order

Floral Heart Pandant - custom order

floral heart-pandant

custom order earrings

Custom Orders
Childlike- earrings


Golden Eye -earrings custom order
golden eye-earrings

Whitia -earrings custom order

Sandy- earrings custom order

How deep is your love 2-custom order

how deep ii-earrings


Bella in Pink

Bella in Pink S$ 25

bella in pink -earrings (B132)

Pink and black swarovski crystal. Outstanding yet feminine...silver coated earring hooks...

Pearly- earrings

Pearly- earrings S$19.90


A very sweet orange-red bouquet using swarovski beads, Czech glass beads and acrylic pearl beads. Light in weight, Simple but classic.

Sunday- charm necklace

Sunday- charm necklace S$33.90 (Sold)


Sweet pink and blue form the gentle Sunday...This will bring you a good mood for the weekend! Enjoy!

pink rose quartz, pink polyesma rose, charms, stainless steel chain, swarovski crystal heart bead, Czech glass beads and other lovelies.
(Length of chain about 80cm)

Rememberance the set

Rememberance the set-necklace and earrings



Rememberance-necklace S$38.90 (Sold)


A necklace using the tiansha beads...I love the mother of pearl and the freshwater pearls, so refreshing and unique...^^

Length of chain is about 46cm.


Rememberance-earrings S25.00 Sold


Fresh water pearl and swarovski crystal form a good company for the maroon tiansha beads...lovely!