Morning Dew

Morning Dew S$35 US$25

morning dew

morning dew

Made by genuine fresh water and swarovski pearls, swarovski green facet crystals...Look at the lovely colours, they make you feel so lively...How can you don't love them?!

Daisy S$32 US$21 (SOLD)


OK, art lovers cannot miss this one. The beads are hand painted.The rest are bright yellow swarovski beads and 925 silver coated hook. I love the contrast between purple and yellow, black and white/silver...

Bella S$25 US$18 (SOLD)


I admit that this picture is definitely not as good as the original product. The white crystals are soooo difficult to be captured by camera (obviously my photography skill needs to be improved).But trust me, the actual product is definitely lovely. The crystal is very Shiny like stars, the unique black swarovsky crytal broilette...Perfect for office attire.

The rest are customized for my lovely friends...The designs are quite simple but I like them all!










Love Song

Hihi, this time there are 2 new designs...I cannot wait to show u all---

Blue Bells (BE18)S$32 US$22

Blue Bells

This is made with genuine nature turqoise tear drop stone and Czech glass bell shape beads, together with the Swarovski crystal beads and 925 hooks. Aren't they lovely? Look at the natural vine on the stone...The turqoise blue reminds you the deep blue sea, where the red-yellow glass beads look like the sunset above the horizon.

Love Song (BE19) S$38 US$26 (Sold)

Love Song

Love Song

This antique looking 'love song', is just like a beautiful rose blooms among the music notes and butterfly, dragonflies, pearl...A pure love song for the passionate heart.


I love Rainbow!!

Haaaaaaaaaalooooooooooooooo my dear friends!!!

Recently I have been very busy with alot of things...Looking for new job and helping hubby for his new shirt and helping others for....heheee, so you all must support me more!!!

Actually I am still doing other designs, but just in case my dear blog 'feel sad' as I didn't have updates for almost 2 weeks, so I post some pictures of my latest earrings here. Two of them might look familiar-as many of my friends like this design, so I tried to 'explore' more of color options.

RAINBOW (BE014) S$29 US$20 (SOLD)


I love this one. I love rainblow cloours. You can match this with a black dress or top. Perfect!!! Or you can leave me an order by making one more earring in either red or purple. Then you can mix match it youself-You can actually have one extra pair while doing another one. Isn't it nice?!!

Apple (BE015) S$22 US$12

The red-green jade attacts me. They are really lovely. Though I cannot decide to call them 'apple' or 'peach', my hubby named them 'apple'.

Btw, Apple is one of our favourite household brand for appliances....






Hope you like these 2!! (As I love them!!)

Welcome to leave me any comments!!!! New posts will be up soon!^^



Golden Tear

These are my new designs from the past 2 days~~~~

Golden Tear (GE012) S$35 US$24 (SOLD)

This pair is really lady-like and classy. The golden flower and the swarovski moonlight tears are in such a compliment. The long chain is the extention of the gentle look.

Hope you love them and let me know if you have any orders~~~