Beauty in the eyes

Sometimes I wonder what is 'beauty'?

Some would say that it is rather intangible, but the funny thing is that most of us will find some of the people have desirable faces which we mostly agree with.

So what does this prove?

Does this mean that there is a standard for beauties?

I think so.

What do you think?


About Love

Reading a friend's blog make me think of this question again.

What is love?

It's intangible, invisible.

You can only feel it with your heart. Your eyes are not as useful as your heart in this prospect.

When we have a peaceful mind, we can allow our heart to feel it.

I was very touched and moved, when dear qx was trying to cool down my cup of coffee.

Because I was rushing for the appointment, he was very carefully blowing the coffee, in order for me to drink it before i rushed out.

That moment, when I was looking at him, I was speechless.

Dear Qx, maybe I did not tell you this. But I know, the picture of you trying to cool down my coffee.

I will always remember it.

It will be in my heart, very deeply.

Thank you, my dear husband.