Black Forest- necklace

Black Forest S$32.90 US$22 (SOLD)

black forest - pendant

black forest -necklace

"Inside the black forest, there are jewels sparkling in unknown corners..."

(swarovski crystal & beads, freshwater pearls, black Czech glass beads etc)
* Chain at 20cm each side


Moon River - Necklace

Moon River - necklace S$ 89 US$60 (Sold)

Moon River- necklace

moon river -pendant

moon river - chain

I am quite happy with this creation after two nites of hardwork! Attracted by the shiny rose gold colored chain and I could not help but brought it home!

The reason that I named this "Moon River" (one of my favourite songs) because they both give me a gentle and soothing emotion....

(white coral & clay roses, swarovski crystals & pearls, green jade beads, fresh water pearls, moonstone and rose gold colored chain)

Under The Moonlight

Under The Moonlight S$29 US$20 (SOLD)

under the moonlight

under the moonlight

I really like the way the moonstone glowing under the light. Its bluish glow is both mysteries and enchanting. The sky-blue jade tulip is attracting the topaz butterfly...Under the moonlight, there are so much lovely happennings!

(Moonstone, swarovski crystal, sky-blue jade flower, glass pearl)

French Affair S$28 US$19 (SOLD)

french affair 3

french affair 2

A french Affair. Sweet brass umbrella and eiffle tower... This is remantic! Can you imagine that you are walking next to the Eiffle tower... The rain has just stopped and you are holding an umbrella in your hands...What a lovely day...

(Czech glass beads, pearls and swarovski crystal bead)


custom orders

Below are some custom orders, hope the receiptant will like them too...



Meanwhile, I will work hard and let's wake up for a better morning tomorrow!


Living in Sengkang

People always like to ask me- why did you choose a house in SengKang? What is so good about SengKang?

Well, honestly, I do not think it's the most convenient location for a residential flat,but it's not that bad.

Since mid last year, govt is building a sports complex, and a fruit tree garden about 2 blocks behind our flat- as proposed and announced on TV end of last year.

We, my hubby and I are quite glad about the announcement.

Our flat is locaed next to the river(also called punngol river, if I am not wrong). I love the greenery along side the river. It makes me feel that I am living in a garden. Though some might say it means the place is equaly inaccessible.

(Hmm, rich people also like to live in remote places right?hehee)

Yes, it is quiet and the flats near my place are new...

err, I guess there is no 'win win' situation here. As if you choose to live in a 'forest', then you could not possibly expect the forest is located in the centre of the city. Right?

There are alot of good news about the new town which govt is planning for 'punngol 21'. I really love the idea (though 2021 is abit far away...)! I am waiting for the circle line too. Once it's done then my life could be extended much more as my time would be saved much more from standing and travelling in mrt trains and buses.

Another thing, which is getting me worried, is the crowd during and around meal times in Compass Point. It is getting more and more difficult to find seats in order to have a proper meal recently (heard that residents from the buangkok new flats are moving in, which might be one of the stressers). I really cannot imagine what will the situation turns out next year, when the flats in Fernvale would be ready too.
(cross my finger and pray hard...)

So meanwhile, we will just settle down for this flat next to the river- and waiting for the park beside it to be completed soon.

At least, we can enjoy a fresh air jog (I would like to believe its clean) easily as we want to. For now.


My house and my favourite paintings

Let's me show you some paintings I like- which are in my house...And 2 pictures of my house too...

Dogs and cats

dogs and cats-painting

Lovely Paintings from Bangkok!!

Paintings bought on last day of our bangkok shopping trip. My hubby could not control himself when he saw these lovely paintings.

Peach Blossom by Wang Zi Xiu (王自修)

peach blossoms-painting

A painting of one of my farourite artists, Wang Zi Xiu. He's my dad's frd. His paintings are getting so expenisve lately! I am glad to have this to brighten up my home. The contrast of the peach pink in it and the maroon-purple wall of my living room turns out great!

Fruitful- another painting by Wang Zi Xiu (王自修)


Another lovely painting by Wang. I love the fruit tree in the snow field. Wang is famous of his snow paintings.

Ratatouille -Movie poster

ratatouille poster

A movie poster which we bought months ago. I like the hopeful look in the rat's eyes...Really enjoyed the show as the never-give-up spirit of the character is so inspiring...

My favourite snack recently...


Our kitchen


Our kitchen. I love the refrshing green glass and the simple layout of cabinets.

Our living room


This is our living room.The curtain and the back of the wall is maroon(to me it looks purple-fushia).


Sakura Dream

YOhooo! Finnally I am able to post some new pictures of my latest creations...

Sakura Dream S$32 US$22 (SOLD)

sakura dream

sakura dream

I name this as 'sakura dream' because it's one of my dreams to visit Japan when its sakura would be in their full blooms.

The combination of gentle pink and refreshing green has completed all that I want to express... Can you feel it?
(Made by swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads)

Summer Rain S$23 US$16

summer rain 2

summer rain

Summer rain...Sky blue bell-shape-flowers, green tear drops of Czech glass beads. It's like the rain in a sunny summer day...Smoothly refreshing...

Sweety S$29 US$20 (SOLD)


This is a princess in pink. Silver and pink is a royal contrast. The pink in it is so gentle...Make you keep smiling even you are just taking a look at them...
(swarovski crystals, 925 silver)

Black Bouquet S$29 US$20

black bouquet

black bouquet

black bouquet

Black, is the color of mysteries and depth. Decorated with red swarovski crystal butterfly and olive green beads, this pair is representing the solomn and magical power of black and red.


Autumn S$32 US$22
(long necklace)




This necklace is my first one so far. It's a long necklace (which can be wrapt around my neck 2 times). It's made of swarovski crystal beads and Czech bell-shape-flower beads. My intention is to make it look simple but elegant. Hope you can feel it...

Childhood dreams

Hihi, actually I want to say alot of things here..but it's already two in the early morning and I've decided to shorten them a little bit...

There are so many things in my head and I have'nt found the way to 'clear' them, maybe partly because I haven't sorted out when the deadline would be as well.

There are some pictures I want to show you all and if there are any art/paintings lovers around, just drop me a line because I can show you some really nice paintings.
(So sorry that most of them are still in the camera so you might have to wait for one-two days more)

Oh, I guess nobody (who is reading this post) knows that I was 'supposed' to be an painter/artiste?

Well, cut the long story short, my dad is an artiste, so he wanted to train me as one when I was 5 years old. The main reason was- I could draw colorful and presentable objects since I was 3, so my dad started to believe that I should have the 'gift' as he was given.

Maybe I had, but I did not continue practicing drawing after I went into primary school, then I put all my attentions into reading...till now.

Glad that reading does help me alot in my life, sad that it also sort of 'limited' my career path- I love books so much that I want to do something about books!!!

Well, Of course I love arts as well!! That's the main reason which I took up handmade accessories. handi crafting is one of my interest since I was young.

I am not complaining, just that I really find this country kind of limited my creativity in the past. LUCKILY, it has been improving and I saw the things the society is doing some 'upgrading'. And I am really glad. (It's just...How I wish I was still in my school) days...

Hmm, I think I should go and think about my other plans...See you soon with my new earrings designs and other updates!!!Ciao~



Only managed to finish one customized order last nite... and here it is the complete look of the Love Song earrings-

Love Song S$32

Love Song

Love Song

bright red coral rose and swarovski crystals, fresh water pearl...Hope you like them as I do!

Holiday (customized order)


Pari-before a haircut by us...


Pari after hair cut-a happy face

pari-april08-after haircut

Harry Potter and the school days

Halo, last week was an eventful week, as I went out almost everyday, and my feet still feel tired after all the walking...

Then last nite I finally took out my Harry Potter book IV, and read until 4-5am in the morning. Today I lyed in bed and finished the book only before dinner.

The story plot is really intriguing me to finish the book. Guess later I will start the last book "the deadly hollow"....

Remember last time when i was in secondary school, I read novels almost everyday...

Think of that, I miss the simple life when i was a much differnce after I finished my 'O' levels...haha

But life goes on, and I have so many plans on my hands that I realy don't have enough time for short...haha

I LOVE SCHOOL DAYS!!! If there is a chance for me to further my study, I will definitely take it up....hmmmm

Just now was talking to Pari as I reminded him his previous days while he spent his time mostly in the cage(in our living room).He looked very emotional and i saw tears in his eyes...See, Pari is really sentimental at times. I really have to treat him as a person in stead of a dog.- though i m still trying to convince my husband about Pari's high IQ...Because Qx always have doubts about Pari's IQ...Which I fully believe that Pari's a super smart dog,he's just too impatient most of the time.

Ok, tomorrow I will sort out my pictures and show u more designs of my creations.^^