About Pari the silky terrier

My friend asked me about Pari recently (and the picture of his has more viewership than my creations actually makes me feeling abit sad...but well, Pari is our pet and I do adore him!!! Except when the days I want to laze around more in bed and he insists to wake me up~~~~zzzzzz~~~)

Ok, let me tell more about Pari.

This picture was taken when he was 3 months old~~~ He was feeling really hot and his tongue was so long~~~ Isn't he cute? hehe


We saw Pari when he was less than 2 months old. His black fur was so shiny and he was lying and asleep quietly. The we thought: this is the one, looks so quiet and obedient...

Then we took him home and we realized that the previous scene was a disguise!!

Pari was supper supper active!!

He played very seriously and was full of energy. But few days later, he refused to eat and I became very worried. I brought him to the vet on Valentine's day.

Pari was trying very hard to peek at the Taxi's window during the journey to the clinic. He was very excited to the world outside the window and never bark at all.

I reached the clinic and pushed the door opened. An eurasian couple were waiting in front of the counter with their big cat in the carrier. They smiled at Pari and smiled at me. I guessed it's because of Pari- his head was hardly outside of the carrier bag I carried with me-he was so tiny!

While waiting to see doctor in the animal clinic, I felt abit sad about my Valentine's day-bringing a puppy to the clinic and without any celebration! Then the nurse called-



I hesitated and finally answered:"...Yes..."

'Pari,' I looked at Pari(in my arms) and said,"It's your turn.."

The funny thing is, why she called the pet's name? Is Pari supposed to answer it?

I still feel funny about that incident when I think back.

The rest of the day was as usual, just like 'Pari was trying to play with the vet's finger and the vet said "looks like he's ok" 'etc. (Pari always behaves like he got nothing wrong even if he's in pain.)

Pari's cough lasted for 2 months. So when he was 4 months old, he finally said 'good bye' to all the anti-biotics.

But well, the side effect is that he has sensitive nose now(just like most of us do).

(End of Part I)



Lily of the valley-my favourite flower

Now is midnite of Saturday, and sunday's beginning. Tomorrow will be a busy day, so I try to post the updates asap.

Here are a few new designs of this weekend~~~

Key To My Heart (BE009) S$25 US$15 (SOLD)

Aren't they lovely? This reminds me the gentleness of the guy's love, is the key, which warms the up the girl's heart.....Nothing is better than someone who understands you~~The cute bear and solemn key, the shiny heart, you will love it.


Lily Of The Valley (BE010) S$35 US24 (SOLD)

The inspiration is the spring flower,lily-of-the-valley(as the picture of my profile). Do you know that the language of this flower is 'happiness'? How I love this meaning. That is what we are looking for in life!!!

The green and white swarovski crystal and the bell is a graceful match. I really hope you will like this as I do.


Fish (BB011) S$25 US$15 (SOLD)

Ok, there are still more to come, hope to see your comments on my blog. And I must say thank you to my hubby, Qx, who had taken these beautiful pictures for me~~~

Cheers everyone, and have a great week ahead!!!^^



The EMPRESS~~~~New design~~~~

Finally I figure out that my Paypal system is actually working.

Ok, I managed to produce one new design last night, hope the receptant is happy about it...

Here it is~~~~

The EMPRESS S$ 33 US$23 (Sold)
The feel of the glamour is there. I really love the formation and the shiny contrast between gold and red. The cheerful colour of the Cloisonné Beads, Swarovski crytal butterfly, dragonfly and ring....Suitable for a fusion look.

See you soon as I got other updates~~~


p.s. Pari is recovering, but he still kicked me hard when last nite I was trying hard to calm him down and Qx put some cream for his wound...After that he lied down and gave me smiling face. Really don't know what to do with that face...I could not scold him, could I? ~~~zzzzzzzz~~


To All of you...

My dear supporters,

I am still setting up my Paypal account…Meanwhile, any enquiries and orders can be sent to "". I will get back to you asap. For all the purchases, a gift box will be inclusive in the price listed. A free cutie pouch will be given out as free gift with a purchase of S$60 and above(while stocks last). Sample pictures of the gift box and cutie pouch will be posted later. ^^

We all work hard ok!! C you~~~~

My dog Pari just been sent to the vet today, He got a small wound beside his previous wound. Hope he will be ok soon…
I got a few orders (earrings and necklace) from my friends…Will be working on them, so there will be more new designs by this week. ^^


Violet's Creations

Dangdang dangdang~~~~~~~~Finally here they are-my new creations!!! (the rest u can click the link to my fliker account and see more...You won't be disappointed!!)

My first pair~~~~
S$ 29
Moon Lady

This one is made of 925 silver hook and chain. I love the tangling of the facet pink crstal and moon. Perfect match for a tube dress/top.*feeling like a moon lady...*

The Fairy (SOLD) S$25


S$ 29

green-bouquet This pair attracts my hubby's attention. He has high standards, but said this is "not bad" (means=very good). So, don't hesitate, leave me your order!heheee

Will post more later in the day. Ciao~~~


p.s. any opinion just leave me an email or comment.^^


Blossom's handmade jewellery and accesories

This is my first post and there will be more and more nice pictures coming up...

I will post some pictures of my handmade earrings (which are currently in creation).

Don't worry, it won't take long, just that I am having a serious flu these days and it's been slowing everything down...

Btw, I really love the word 'blossom' because it reminds me of a tree loaded with stunning flowers. And it always makes me smile whenever I think of a fruitful tree loaded with wonderful fruits....*blinking and day dreaming*

I am a little bit dreamy about my future currently, but I am positive about it. I believe that everyone in their life will go through a period like mine. Well, the future is unpredictable but we must have the faith to have a new blossom in life!!!

So, see you soon and, do come back for updates!! Thank you!