Wonderland- bracelet in Pink

a new bracelet inspired by my previous designs...

Wonderland S$33.90(Sold)


Isn't this sweet? Like Alice in bright and gentle.

(The chain is 925 silver made.The rest are swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads, acrylic rose and beads, other lovelies...)


The innocence bracelet

I was pretty busy these days...Partly because of the public holidays for the new year and other things. Wanted to visit Sentosa for the flower festival but hubby was not feeling well. Hence the plan was cancelled. There are some pictures taken for my new bag and new shoes but need sometime to sort out the photos before posting them on line.

Innocence III - bracelet S$38.90

innocence iii-bracelet


Hmm, 'Innocence' theme is still one of the hot picks. In fact, this combination really looks so pure...Like a dream, isn't it? ^^

(The chain is made with 925 silver. Other materials are swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and other lovelies)



Now it is 6:27am in the morning and I am about the go for sleep. These days my sleeping time has been messed up. I woke up really late and could not sleep till early morning. I think I am abit crazy about crafts lately. And I do have weird dreams about the dramas I watched lately.

Oh, mention about drama, I love the lately Taiwanese show 'miss no good'. I was suprised to see myself watching Taiwanese drama and even fell for the actors! Kind of weird, Guess my tastes have been changed! Oh yes, I love sweet and cute things more and more... The show really made me happy, I could not control and watched it till morning, with panda eyes of course.

I like the actors in the show alot...Rainie is always as cute though in the show she acted abit over, but acceptable. The Willbert actually reminds me of my dear hubby. Haha. So cool and quick temper at times -opps...but hubby is such a sweet darling as he bought me my beloved bag few days ago!!! I was so touched...Could not find a word to say. (I am searching for suitable materials to make a charm for my dear bag, haha.)

Went to library borrowed some books but have not got time to read them yet.

Abit update of my Japanese classes. It is ok as I have taken the same one ages ago, just refreshing it. But it did make me feel old as the girls sitting beside me are currently waiting for A level results. Then I count my age difference with them...hmmmm. But my heart is still young!!! ^^

If I got time to make more items then you will know what I mean. I got alot of cute stuff and cute charms!!! Want to make all of them but time is never enough.

Just pray that I have more inspirations and everything will turn out smoothly. I wish the best new year for everyone as well!

All my dear and lovely supporters please give me some time to clear my orders. As this Chinese new year is a really busy spring cleaning still half done only...err, maybe just started.

Talk to you all soon! ^^

Classic is the word- earrings

Classic $30.90 (Sold)


This is a classic pair. (It reminds me of LV logo somehow. Hehe) The silver flower is crafted with crystals and the tear drops are black swarovski crystals, the fushia flowers are swarovski as well.

(Silver coated earring hooks and Swarovski crystals, crystal findings etc.)

Snow Flower- earrings

Snow Flower $33.90

snow flower

snow flower

I am hopelessly in love with this one! I am planning to make a charm for my new bag as well, hehee. This is soooooooooo romantic!!! Trust me, this looks stunning and much better than the picture. Ok, you must love this because the snow flakes are so lovely and vivid. The purple swarovski crystals are georges...The gold and purple are perfect match I should say.

There are silver ones available but I have not figured out how to make it..(most probably use white crystal with silver, pure look...though purple one also nice..hmmm)


My Valentine - earrings

Valentine $32.90 (Sold)


I was too rush to show you this design and I realized that i forgot about the ear hook! Nver mind, juz tell me what you like ok? Valentine's day is coming soon, any plans for yours? the best gift is to make it yourself...heheee...

Her dream world-the necklace

Her dream world $35.90(Sold)

her dream world-necklace

her dream world

This one is very bright and dreamy. The highlight is the janese imported rose and the graceful charm in the middle....remind you of yourself? ^^

Twilight the smoky necklace

Twilight - $59.90 (Sold)





This necklace is actually made for myself... But if any of you like this can re-make for you of course. The Neckalce is 925 silver, the pendant is swarovski cyrstal in smoky color, the closure is white gold coated as a dragonfly... I really love this one and will be wearing it for this coming CHinese new year with my red dress. Hahaaaaa. ^^


New Year Wish the bracelet

New Year Wish - bracelet S$39.90

new year wish

Lately I am in the mood of making more bracelets...This one is a combination of varies shapes of gold and also a Chinese new year theme!!

This will look nice with a one color top(as the bracelet is colorful enough).

Happy Chinese New year! ^^

Violet Wings- necklace

Violet Wings-32.90(Sold)

violet wings

A new design as a theme in wings... The color theme is gold, purple and green here(which is a good combination I feel). The actual piece is nicer in looks.

Garden of Eden and Lost world

I work very slow these days, partly bcoz of my flu and cough, partly because that I become more idealistic lately- wants to produce the best for my supporting customers, all of you!

Here are some of the custom orders...

Garden of Eden- earrings

garden of eden-earrings

I use color jade and the Japanese Subashi parts, the white coral bead and other lovelies to make this pair. Don't know why, this gives me a very Zen feeling..Hope you will feel peaceful looking at it. Heee...

Garden of Eden- pandent


The leaf and the beetle are really cute and vivid for this...the picture is not good enough to show but the actual piece is really lovely. The rest are swarovski crystal in varies color and shapes, the jade is like the sparkling fruit in the Garden of Eden...

The Lost World


The highlight of this pair is the unicorn and pegasus charm and the milky pink opalite beads. A lost world is the one who makes us feel gentle inside. Nothing is impossible....


New Year Resolution

Some people said new year resolution is not good bcoz ppl tend to break it and make themselves disappointed. I guess every new year should have a new beginning and should not hesitate before you do anything!!!

My new year resolution.....more designs and become healthier!!! LOve this world more and love ppl aound me more..including my dog of coz, haha.=p

I wonder if i got infected by Pari's cough and flu virus, this week i was feeling really bad and every morning I was struggling to wake up....cough cough cough... really miss my healthy days....

I found one cute photo of Pari and it is one of my favourite. I think you will love it too!!

pari with blurt face

Isn't it cuteeeeeeeeeeeee??? It's so ARTISTIC!!!! I LOVE IT!!! 3 cheeers for pari the silky terrier- though got a neighbour said that Pari is not a pure breed as silky terrier does not have curly hairs!!! Poor matter who you are, what you are, we still love you. Promise. ^^

Custom Orders for new year~~~

Happy new year everyone!!! Especially my dearest customers and lovely friends!!! haha. Sorry that i haven't posted any new designs yet...this is only one custom order i finished, and there are more on the way!!! Do come back soon for updates!

Sweet in Fushia

sweet in fushia

This is an new order for one of the supportive customers of mine...Hope she likes this (and the rest.^^)...