books books books

Just read a good friend's blog and she mentioned about going libray lately.

Oh, this reminds me, because library is such a nice place to go!!! Same as book shops!!

New books, those japanese fashion magazines...handicraft and gardening books...

What a paradise!

I just cannot help but in love with the books!

Always borrow a few home and forgot return them.

Always buy a few back then put them on the shelf-- I stil have my Twilight lying there waiting for me...

See, I should change something for my new year revolution.


Three thousand KM alway...

Just came back from grand father's birthday celebration 2 weeks ago. Flied there for the dinner, then flied back to Singapore immediately the next morning.

All in a rush and did not have enough time to enjoy the celebration or even, the food from my dear home town.

How I wish that I could just relax and go back for one month holiday?


两个星期前到家乡匆忙地转了一趟, 只为了爷爷的88岁大寿。


心里的千万思绪也无从开口。 只是怀念小时候的星期六, 爷爷带我们去桥头喝五点钟的早茶。

还有, 村尾的那些鱼塘们,已经几乎全部被填土,成为高速公路了。

望着那公路,不禁又回想起当年外婆带着我们, 步行到一个小时路程外的小镇集会去吃一碗五毛钱的云吞面。 那时,是人间美味啊。




You are my sunshine, my only sunshine~~~

I realize I have been too greedy.

As trying to cope with so many things, and now have to drop off one or two.

I have to stop my japanese lesson next year because there will be other projects to be completed.

Have to say a big BIG Thank You to people who have given me the opportunities- Yew kwang, aik heng, guang wei, tong ying, Bee L...

I always feel that I am blessed, which I truly am.

Though there will still be obsticles ahead, there will always be sunshine too.

Last thing, I hope I will have more time to create more pretties...

How I want a holiday!!!

Counting down~~~~~~

More updates will be sent soon.


"Sunshine, my only sunshine."



要对你们说声--对不起。 因为在过去的几个月里, 我没有时间update, 好抱歉。

混乱中, 似乎很多事情都难以兼顾,包括上载到一半的小说, 还有这个网页......


其中一件是, 要记得收看优频道2009年12月27日晚上9点半的电视电影, 《向日葵的约定》。 看完了告诉我你的感想哦! 然后我再说为什么—— =)

未来的日子里, 我想我会更忙碌。


很多话要说, 太多了......

对了, 那天再重看我最喜欢的经典日剧《长假》, 感触良多。这样优雅的爱情故事, 绕梁三日的音乐, 不知道什么时候再有类似的出现。(应该很快了吧? 突然有预感.....=))

今年很多好友传婚讯, 也负责写她们婚礼当天的讲稿, 不禁让我想起恍如昨日的婚礼。


真的, 那种感觉, 那个过程, 带着压力,却是那么地喜悦......

好想把那时花了三天制作出来的powerpoint给你们看,可是因为版权问题, 只好作罢。 好可惜呢。有机会的吧。

对了, 因为最近的一份新闻报道, 对关于名字的回忆,又一次被钩起。 以前我的名字每次被人写错, 没想到到了今天, 还是有乌龙发生。似乎又是和名字有关......难道是我的名字又什么不妥吗? =p

最后, 亲爱的日语老师和同学们, 我要休息一下, 有空我们再喝茶。=)