Sky Blue Night Beauty- the owl's favourite

Night Beauty S$25.90

night beauty

Cute Owl for the night!! The blue flower is really sweet with matching swarovski beads and silver lovelies....A special nite with alluring beauties in the garden....

night beauty

Oriental - Custom Order

I love the colored jade and gold combination oriental and antique look bracelet...The jade beads are very colorful and unique...the red coral carved flower combinds the red-yellow-green-white jade beads and highlights the bracelet into a piece of art! heeheee ^^



In The Sky, babe forever

Freedom S$31.90



I have decided to make another pair of this myself...I love the elegant look of the gold sparles match with the pearl and swaravski crystals...The detail bird and butterfly...everything is just amazing!!! You will not be able to leave your eyes of it once you see this pair...

(Left 3.5cm, Right 4cm, without hook) (swaroviski crystals, freshwater pearls and other lovelies.)

In the Sky S$S$31.90

in the sky

I love everything with wings!! OK, I am still in the search for cute and nice unicorn charm, but this pegasus is just really stunning too. I bought a few (both bronze and gold colored) once I saw them. It's so...detailed and attractive, vivid and lively. I just have to let you know about this...

Oh, btw, 'In the Sky' is one of my favourite Japanese one of the famous Japanese drama by Takeshi Kaneshiro years ago, talking about an idol and his fan's love romantic..I used to be crazy about idols...haha, those youth days...

(Left 3.8cm, Right 3.8cm, without hook) (swaroviski crystals, freshwater pearls, glass beads and other lovelies.)

Babe Babe S$S$29.90

babe babe

Babe forever!! These chubby cutie bear will make my dreams come true...haha...(same as the above, I cannot control and bought some of them). Thinking that I might make a bracelet for myself as well...

(Left 4.5cm, Right 4.5cm, without hook) (swaroviski crystals, freshwater pearls and other lovelies.)

Hide and Seek S$S$30.90

hide and seek

Let's play Hide and Seek!! Can you see the lovely cat behind the window? Maybe once awhile we might want to hide in a corner and observe people passing by. I especially like to seat in a cafe and watch of my dream is to seat at a corner of Paris or Europe to drink their Cappuccino in a lazy, sunny but windy afternoon..*dreaming away*

(Left 4cm, Right 3.5cm, without hook) (swaroviski crystals, freshwater pearls and other lovelies.)

Cat and Daffoldil, roses are pink...

Roses are pink S$33.90 US$24

roses are pink

(Swarovski crystal, Japanese imported Tiansha Beads, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)

Cat & Rose S$33.90 US$24

cat & rose

(Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)

Cat & Daffoldil S$32.90 US$23

cat & daffoldil

(Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)

Dove S$32.90 US$23


(Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)

Angelicious Dream S$32.90 US$23
angelicous dream

(Swarovski crystal, moonstone, freshwater pearls and other lovelies)