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LOng time never update this blog. Feel so bad, haha

Went to join a Yoga lesson in the early evening. Because of my new made friend- Lai. She is such a sweet girl, reminding me of my dreams-- I told her what i have dreamt to do in the past, she has accomplished all that. Reading her interesting blog made me want to write some here too.

The first Yoga lesson in my life! What a Huge milestone, hahaha. Now, i feel the muscle aching, trying to inform me the it's time to take some rest.

Have been pretty busy for the last few weeks. Kind of stucked between the lines last week. Finally struggled through and continue the journey this week. Must keep up with the schedule! -- first important rule of freelance writing.

I have faith. Everything will be better and best is yet to be!

Below are some pictures of the meals I made last two weeks. I love home cooked food, but the time to prepared and washing is tiring too.

colorful Lunch

steamed pig's heart

papaya soup!

Cheese cake- yummy!

Catch up soon!!


It's March


最近迷上了Facebook, 加上电话上网很容易,整天都在看有什么新闻。


对了。我日语3级(今年开始叫4级), 及格了!

虽然才比及格分数多两分,实在不应该这么厚脸皮地大声喧嚷,但是我控制不了-- 因为我本来以为会Fail的!



新加坡华文电视的红星大奖要来了。 之前的《向日葵的约定》几位主角都入围“最喜爱的角色”。当然,全部入围的有20个节目, 我在这里开心简直就是井底之蛙。不过没所谓啦,反正做人就是这样。 开心的就开心吧。也不需要这么矜持的。 时间过了也没什么好说的了。毕竟人是善变的动物, 记得开心的时候就好, 对吗?


日语及格了,写了一个自己还觉得不错的剧本。去年的成绩单还及格。 今年呢?




It's march again.

Time flies. Still hoping to visit Japan for its sakura, or autumn at Nine Gorges?

Heard its water looks like sapphire, wa~~~~~~~~~~~

Will work hard for this year.

The tele-movie did last year, its characters were nominated in 'my favourite female/male characters'. My mum was saying, she would vote for the motherly Mei Juan in the show ,because she was crying while watching her actings.

All the best for all people involved!!!

No matter what awards are waiting, you have already won the best awards in my diary.