Marry Christmas Everyone!!

It has been 2 weeks that I haven't posted up any new designs...

I just registered for a Japanese course which I have been waiting for more than 1 year(I miss the registration last year), really hope that I will continue my passion in Japanese and can go to Japan often. Ha.

Meanwhile, if you all have any orders, just let me know...

Qx is busy in his training (5 months...*fainted*), I will be busy with my Japanese course and finding new job after Christmas. Wish me luck!

Oh, Pari is having flu and throat infection. I brought him to the vet and he was active as normal, always embarassed me when I brought him to clinic... He was trembling in the cab on the way there. Guesss it was his painful memories that scares him...Hope he recover soon!

Marrry Christmas and Happy New Year~ ^^


Blue Sonata...A snowy Christmas...

Another Custom Order- Blue Sonata...

blue sonata

Christmas is here again!!!!


Orders for Hsinti...

Hihi, here are some orders for a good frd of mine...Hope she likes them....

A Bundle of Joy!!!

bundle of joy

bundle of joy

In the sky (fushia)
in ths ky-fushia

Angle's Wings...(the flower should be in Violet!!! It changes under the light..funny...)

angel's wings