Friendship- bracelet custom order

Friendship (B150)- bracelet custom order

friendship-bracelet (B150)

friendship-bracelet (B150)

Lovely Czech glass flowers, beads , moonstone beads, fresh water pearls, coral beads, black onix fish shape beads...A lovely friendship with unforgettable scenes...


Red Sea- earrings

Red Sea (B149) - earrings S$30.90

Orange imported vivid flowers and Czech glass beads...A sunny day,like warm sunshine.

red sea-earrings

Passion- necklace

Passion- necklace (B146) S$ 33.90(Reserved)

Lovely vivid rose in bright red and fresh water pearl in ivory color. Mother of pearl beads and stainless steel chain for around 40cm



Snow white earrings

Snow white (B148) earrings $30.90

I love the innocent and pure sensation of this pair. Imported acrite flowers in ivory white, mother of pearl teardrop...
silver coated earhooks.

snow white-earrings


Tulip Daze- earrings

Tulip Daze (B145)- earrings 24.90 (Sold)

tulip daze

Ok, I admit that i cannot control myself everytime i see tulip shape beads. In this pair, the Czech glass purple tupil beads with AB coating are just unique. A sweet and gentle combination with pink - white Czech glass beads from deep to light tones....

A perfect choice for flower and romantic ladies.^^

Sunrise- earrings

Sunrise- earrings $27.90 (Sold)


This is simple but elegant. Polyma rose in sweet orange, glass beads in moonstone glow....

Charm- earrings

Charm- earrings $ 26.90 (Sold)-no remakes



Black is really hard to take a nice picture with. I fell in love with this pair of black Tian sha buttom beads. They look so myterious and charming with the purple shiny designs on it...the rest are Czech glass beads in pure black and milky purple.

* No remakes as this is the only pair I have.^^

Flowers for sale!

Flowers for sale!

Here are the flower pendants I have on hand. If any of you interested to make it into necklace or bracelet, just drop me an email at



p.s. I love these because they remind me of Mon Blanc, one of my favourite brand..heheee