Dawn at Shangarila

Shangarila S$34.90 US$24 (Sold)



This pair reminds me of the trip to Yunan Province, China years back. The unique silver floral cap is one of the significant symbols of the minority ethics group there.

It was really a nice place, which many called 'Shangarila'- the actual location is still yet to confirmed till now. But the lovely scenery and clear blue sky, will really melt your heart the moment you step on the land.

This pair I use silver and purple, the two mysterious color. I use alot of swarovski crystals- the actual items are really sparkling. One side is a silver heart with a purple heart hanging down- Chinese call this ' xin xin xiang yin'- two hearts loving each other...Oh, how romantic!

(swarovski crystal beads, pearl beads, silver coated ear hooks and other lovelies)

Dawn S$25.90 US$18 (Sold)



I made this while watching the F1 match on TV.

This pair gave a very refreshing, peaceful feeling. Just like the twilight before dawn, soft and gentle. The baby-yellow flowers are really sweet... The moonstone is glowing under the light, you can see their golden shadow in the pictures. Definately a sweet pair. This can match well with pastel tone clothings, etc- baby blue, baby yellow, or whites etc.

(swarovski crystal beads, moonstone, acrylic flowers, pearl beads, silver coated ear hooks and other lovelies)

After F1

My first time watching F1. Never expected it to be so exciting and dramatic!!!

Though that the team I "supported"(in order to make myself enjoy the show i chose Ferrari as the name sounds good, ha) failed- Massa was at 13rd due to unfortunate technical error, and the other team member also could not finish the whole course...My mood was still high-up as it was really a good match.

First time experience it. I might be going to watch it next year-heard from Qx that it will be held in Singapore for the next four years as well...


Pari the chubby silky terrier barks

Pari barked at us angrily when we reached home around 9 p.m. last evening.

crossed eye Pari

As predicted, I guess he was hungry. He backed partly because he felt angry at us by leaving him alone at home. Well, for the past 3 days, we stayed at home all the time and he was satisfied to see us around.

With me going back to work and QX went out for his 'Shopping therapy'(in his own words) yesterday, Pari seemed not very happy to see himself to be the only 'self' at home.

Recently Pari has a new habbit- he will bite one of our socks and ran away while we are cloing the main door. He seems determined to show us his 'unwillingness and unhappiness' by biting our socks everytime we leave the house.

It's his silent objection.

Hmm, he is still quite cute. Though late night after we chased him out our room, he still sulked outside of our bedroom door and made scraching noice out of the door.

Flu attack

Was down with flu for the past 2 weeks, what a sad thing! My sensitive nose contributed to this once again-by not letting me recover easily.

I believe everyone who had experienced flu before will agree with me that this is a serious matter- we really need to take a big break if we are dragged down by flu!!!

I lay in bed for 2 days yet still could not fully recover. Then the gastric flu also joined the team to torture me

So Monday I tool a MC, then lay in bed for the rest of the day again.

What a tragedy!

I feel that part of my life has been wasted because of this.

Just pray that there will be new medicine soon to cure my sensitive nose and save me out of this mess...


Pari's new favourite-Japanese Peach!

We ate 2 big peaches last night. Pari was the one who is most happy about it.

It was his 'first time' smelling and eating the sweet peaches. He uses his paws to lean on us and asking for more while we were trying to present the peach in an artistic way(we failed of course, because we started eating before we finished cutting it. haha).

While finished the first, we cut the second one. He was sitting beside quitely, with a half hopeful-half satisfied smile on his face.

We cannot help but laughed at his unique expression.

This 21 months old dog really has his own mind and own thinking. He would not smile at you if you did not pay attention to him earlier on. He will walk pass you as if he did not see you! Such a proud dog!

But well, he is equaly cute.


Don Quixote

Learned this new word while doing my research. Then I realized that it is the original word for “堂吉坷德”, a spainish word pronounced as "Dawn-kee-hou-te"

It was a catoon series I watched when I was in my primary school days. A "knight" on a skinny horse to fight for his believe future...

I don't really remember the whole story but his spirit to believe in himself make me deeply impressed.

Gambade ne! everyone!



My Neighbour Totoro-my childhood love

I re-watched the movie "My neighbour Totoro"(1988). WOW...

How I miss my childhood and my youth!!! When i was around 12? Of course now I am not old too(at least not very old),but I cannot help but admire the creator of Totoro...

That summer i was staying at home and watching this fantastic and wonderful movie...

If you have not watched it or have not even heard about it, you should go and rent one DVD copy from any of the DVD shops...Especially Anime lovers!!!

Maybe I should make one "Totoro inspired accessory", hehee...


Custom Order-Innocence II

Here is one of the custom orders I got lately. It is using the same theme as INNOCENCE. So I name it 'Innocence II'.

innocence necklace

I have an urge to make more new designs this week. Pray that my inspirations come like the flow in the sea, clouds in the sky...

Will update really soon!!!

Thank you all again for your support!!!



Sex and The City- the movie

I guess I am abit late to watch the movie- Sex and the city-the movie.

Just watched it 2 days ago and would like to say a few words about it.

I hope I am not offending the show's fans but I really feel that this show is more suitable for TV rather than a movie.

Firstly, the plot is kind of slow and there is no suprise...

Secondly, I do not feel close to or excited by the 4 women in the show- maybe mainly because I did not watch the TV serial. They really look abit older than what I expected...

I just watch it like watching a normal romantic movie...But it did not turn out to be what I expected as well.

Sorry but honesly, the only thing I envy of in the film was that Kelly(Jenniffer Parker) is a successful writer with unlimited trendy clothes, and of course, with a nice panhouse.


"Silky" Terror Pari

My brother bought a new software- tablet. I gave it a try and draw a potrait for Pari...

Deng Deng Deng Deng!!!!!

pari potrait


Yes, of course!!!


Playful Pari after one day "tour" at Bedok

Brought Pari to in-law's place last Saturday. He was super popular there as everyone took turns to hug him. Pari was so happy about it that he barked whenever there was a minor sound via neibour's metal gate.(which I tried to stop him but not successful till now)

My parents-in-law are very fond of him.(sometimes makes me feel bad that as there is still not a grandchild for them yet..:p)

Then we went back home- via cab of course because we could not take public transport with a dog in Singapore(so unfair!).

Noisy Pari made no sound at all because he had already fallen asleep within seconds in his bright yellow box once the journey home started.

Sunday, he became super quiet. Stay at the corners and slept almsot the whole Sunday. He did not show any of his usual self. He did not even respond to me when I showed him his favourite chicken! That's weird.

So I started to wonder if he fell sick because of the rainy weather recently.

Then our conclusion is - he was too tired after the whole saturday's play at Bedok and he needed rest.

The truth came out as today, Monday morning as he finally reveals his normal naughty self- escaped and ran out of the gate to take a short walk when my hubby tried to get the newspapers.

My hubby was relieved.

"Pari is finally back!" He grinned.

Yes. playful Pari is back. :S

Suddenly I feel that the sleepy Pari also not too bad after all...

Victorian Charm

Victorian Charm S$26.90 US$19 (Sold)

victorian charm

I was in a rush to post this pair as I realy want to show you how beautiful they are...The lovely Japanese Rose Button(with golden shimmers) and the Czech glass beads (transparent and sweet pink)make you remember the famous Victorian style in fashion- Fashion in French palace.

Wear this one and you will defintely like a princess in the rose garden.

Below are the same pair of earrings in different lighting and angles...

victorian charm

victorian charm

Peach S$24.90 US$17



This is a 'creamy' peach- I just feel really dreamy when I look at the peachy flowers.

The beads are in transparent and different shapes of gold...

(I still think my photographic skill is not good enough(and I will try harder to improve it), so please bear with me for this pair. But this is really sweet!!! )

(clay flowers, Czech glass beads, mother-of-pearl tear drops and other lovelies)

I am trying to make more designs as soon as I can. Will update the blog soon. Please come back for updates and drop me a note if you have any comments!!

Thank you so much for all the people who have been supporting me all along and also those who will be supporting in the real future... ^^