HE's jUST Not that into you- casual review

After reading several articles about the above movie, I watched it with a good friend of mine this afternoon.

Both of us cried for the scenes.

I guess every woman who had fallen in love and hurt by love before will do the same.

It's not a very artistic kind of film, but the languages and stories used in it, do touch many people's hearts.

They are real life examples. Girls who are waiting for the phone to ring, called by the guy who just went out for a date; married couple has difficulty because a third party has appeared...All so real.

Girls, or ladies, who loves sweet films in real situations, or who is having tonnes of problems where relationships are concerned, can go and take a look.

Of course, it will be better to read the book, which I am planning to do so soon (as recommanded by my friend).

Enjoy the show! ^^


Sunset the beauty

Sunset- Custom Order (Sold)



Really cheerful colors! They look stunning-red, orange, blue...This inspires me to make more with contrast colors...What a beauty. (Sorry but I really like this pair. Heehee...cannot help.)

Czech glass beads(the orange ones with AB coating) and lovely 925 silver hooks.

Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer $30.90 (Sold)

There are secrets in my heart... they are all about you. My thoughts are all about you, I think about you everyday...when will you know, the secrets in my heart....

secret admirer

(LOvely keys charm, swarovski crystals, dimonite heart, czech glass beads and other lovelies)

Pure LOve

Pure Love S$28.90 (Sold)

White roses reprent purity and innocence, just like the love I feel for you...

pure love

(LOvely swarovski crystals, silver coated roses, czech glass beads, silver coated earhooks and other lovelies)

How DEEP is Your Love?

How DEEP is Your Love $27.90(Sold)

It's Valentine's day! (2 more days to count down). I have a few inspired earrings related to this theme.

I love the bear charms and the deep blue Swarovski hearts, of courese, the deep blue sakura flower... The bear is so vivid, trying so hard to uphold the flower in his hands..just like how we feel towards our loved ones. taking care of them, thinking of them.

How deep is our love towards them-our treasured ones? How to measure...

how deep is your love

There is a saying in Chinese 'Floral languages for the flirtacious heart''s because, the language of love is similar to the language of flowers, so colorful and so enchanting, alluring...oh, no words can describe the mystirious way of love.


Morning Glory in Maroon

Morning Glory in Maroon S$26.90



The white froster Czech glass beads and the maroon swarovski crystals are perfect combination! An elegant Morning Glory.

(Handmade using Swarovski crytal, Czech glass beads and other lovelies... )

Morning Glory in White

Morning Glory in White S$26.90

morningglory-white 2


The froster Czech glass beads are dreamy, the swarovski crystal with AB coating is really sparkling...A clean and innocent pair. Suitable for weddings as well...

(Handmade using Swarovski crytal, Czech glass beads and other lovelies... )

Morning glory in pink

Morning glory in pink $26.90(Sold)



The pink Czech glass beads are coated with a little golden effect, the swarovski crystal with AB coating is really sparkling...

(Handmade using Swarovski crytal, Czech glass beads and other lovelies... )

Morning glory in blue

Morning glory in blue S$ 26.90 (Sold)



The blue is lovely, the sparkling swarovski crystal is shiny...

(Handmade using Swarovski crytals, Czech glass beads and other lovelies... )

Morning Glory in varies colors!

New designs! These are antiuque inspired designs- different colors of morning glories! Hope you like them!

morning glory

Handmade using Swarovski crytal, Czech glass beads and other lovelies... S$26.90 Each.^^

Jasmine earrings

Jasmine S$ 31.90 (Sold)



This reminds me of the sweet fragrance of Jasmine flowers...The combination of white and green, with the touch of fresh water pearl and mother-of-pearl tear drops, so refreshing and feminine...

Best Choice for a bride-to-be!

(925 Silver fish eyes earhooks, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl teardrops, clay white flowers, Czech glass beads and other lovelies)

Pink babe- so sweet and gentle...

Pink Babe S$29.90 (Sold)

pink babe

Unique clay rose in baby pink, Czech glass beads, silver coated ear hooks and other lovelies...

Red Rose

Red Rose S$30.90 (Sold)

red rose

Swarovski crystal, Czech glass beads, silver coated ear hooks and other lovelies.

Pink Rose

Pink Rose S$30.90(Sold)

pink rose

Black Rose

Black Rose $30.90

black rose

Silver coated ear hooks, swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and other lovelies.

The New beginning of 2009

A 'family' photo ~ ~

three of us at Chinese new year first day 2009

I did some pictures during this week. The above is one of them. Trying to use some Artistic effect on the picture...haha. Pari is really cute in it. And he is always the centre of attracton whenever we bring him to meet the relatives. Because he is so cousin played with him the whole day till he was exhausted.

Blossoms for the new year~~~

Blossoms for the new year!

This taken especially to Remember the flowers as they are all now 'resided' in the rubbish bin in the kitchen. Sad but they don't seem to enjoy much of the tropical sun here. This reminds me of my wedding bouquet, same type of flowers but they were in white. Romantic isn't it?heheee.... Btw, we were guessing the colors of the flowers when we bought them, they turned out- all pink. haha. Well, we are still quite happy about it.

New presents for the new year~~

new fashion for the new year!!

Wow. This is the most expensive new year I ever have!! Dearest hubby bought me new bag(it's a LV!=p) and new shoes..aren't they cute? YES!!! The shoes I bought from bugis were made by real leather and handmade~~~~*blink blink*

Rose garden for the^^

new blossom bag for the new year!

I love this bag from Bangkok.It is not costly at all!!! I should have bought more during there...hmmmm....maybe next time...=p

Meanwhile, please wait for my updates for the new designs ok? Cheers for the new beginnning!!!

(I start to feel the energy when I am writing about this.. and, I really love UGLY BETTY the comedy drama show...^^)